A progressive approach combined with a traditional craft is what makes Piers Bourkeโ€™s art uniquely beautiful.

The work is a combination of techniques using digital printing, painting and design, with a traditional and time staking approach to assembly and detail.

The work has large elements of collage which creates a very sculptural and textured look and feel to the work. The pieces are eagerly collected by a global audience and can be found in no less than 25 countries.


Time Zone Explosion Series (2017/2018)

Created in the Piers Bourke Studio in Singapore. In this series, Piers explored themes of time zones on the back of traveling between Singapore and London.

Piers has taken his concept of painting with a wooden baton to create circular artworks but in these paintings, he has also used a brush to create gestures of big and flowing movement.

red heart web2.jpg

Selfie Love series (2018)

Selfie Love is the newest series to come out of the Piers Bourke studio in Singapore.

Created after Piers read an article about how we all need to love ourselves more to gain success and happiness in our lives.

An idea he took literally and created the work using only his signature stamp which is the hallmark of all his work.


Fan series blue .jpg

Fan series (2016-18)

Created from the Piers Bourke Singapore Studio using a wooden baton to sweep mineral pigment paint over watercolour paper. These pieces are influenced by traditional calligraphy and Chinese landscape painting to recreate an icon of Asia.


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